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Drop front differential

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Has anyone dropped the front differential just to inspect it and make sure everything looks good. And what would need to be replaced to put it back in and have it in the best condition it can be in

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I pulled my entire front driveline. I was hearing noises and didn't want it to detonate on the road, didn't (don't yet) have the $$ to get it worked on.

You'll need about 2-3 hours taking your time, at least ONE other set of hands two or more if you can get them, a good floor jack and jack stands. An air compressor and GOOD impact gun/sockets will be a blessing. Obviously you will need metric sockets and wrenches, and a torque wrench for proper reassembly.

There are a few online tutorials that walk you through it, and I do remember there are a few short-cuts that are somewhat obvious, but not removing the cross-member is NOT a shortcut, it HAS to come out! You may be able to wrangle out the axle shafts without pulling the axle bearing assemblies... MAY...

If you do need to pull the axle bearing assemblies, first DON'T hose-up the sensor wires! Secondly, I have found a good, wide, flat chisel and a 1 or 2# beater works well to get between bearing and axle. And lots of penetrating oil!!! You WILL most probably hose up the heat shield, but if you're careful it's salvageable.

Phone pix are invaluable for things that have you scratching your head when it comes time to re-assemble. If you don't need them, they are only a delete button away! But if you NEED them....

Labeled paper cups or saved containers are good for identifying the nuts, bolts and other parts. Some are on the small side, others you can use "lunch bags". If you can take a part off and put the fasteners on it somehow, well that is even better.

These may all be tips you know, but hey, maybe one of them is something new and you can learn (from my mistakes?)

Hope this helps if you decide you need to pull it... Good Luck!
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