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Drove the new f-150 today......

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I've been looking at the titan for about a month now, and today thought I'd go check out some of the competition. Went to the local Ford dealer and took a shiny new club cab f-150 lariat out for a spin. After reading all the comparison reviews about the 2 trucks, I was expecting the interior to be overly plush. It was not. Several reviewers that placed the ford over the titan cited a "refined" interior. I was actually very disappionted.

I decided that I had better wait until I had actually driven the truck to make my final descision. So the salesman hopped in and away we went. Everything about this truck screamed mediocrity. Power: yeah it was there, but nothing that blew me away. Throttle response seemed very slow compared to the Titan. Noise: Yes, and plenty of it. I noticed the titan really lets you know that youre driving a BIG V8 when you step on the gas. The F-150 just seemed overly noisy nearly all the time. The gauges were blocked partially by the steering wheel, and moving the wheel to where I could properly see the gauges resulted in what I felt was a rather uncomfortable position, it was too high for my liking.

Coming away from the experence, I was filled with a sense of.....well, nothing. This truck left no real impression on me. Nothing seemed that bad really, but nothing stood out as being great either. Sure she may be getting alot of attention right now because she's the new girl, but give her a few months and she'll just be the ordinary looking little brown haired girl that spends all night sitting alone in the corner because nobody wants to dance with her anymore.
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I drove them back to back too. The ford i liked the interior and i think it looks like a "Tuff" truck now! Power however was dissapointing! I could not tell the difference between casual driving and florrin it! I actually thought the titan was ugly at first but it grew on me, especially after i drove it!
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