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DT Long tubes and RUST!!!!!

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Anyone with these headers seeing any rust on them? I live in NY and I can see rust all around where the tubes meet the flang. anyone else have this problem they are ceramic coated but I guess that did not help.. If so anything I can do about it I would not think these things should rust after only 5 months of being on..
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Yes I have had mine on since last summer and the Michigan winter was hard on the cheap factory ceramic coating for sure.
What's this Rust thing your talking about?
What's this Rust thing your talking about?
Havent heard of it on a car down here either :teethmast
Maybe providing some pictures?
Also, might check your primary's as well for rust. I'm betting you have some there as well and don't know it.
Havent heard of it on a car down here either :teethmast
Ha, you guys are d*cks.
I will post some pics later but yes, there is rust on the weld where it meats the flat flange... I will get some pics soon..
truck is in the shop getting rhino on it I will have pics tomorrow late..
I've heard of this happening before when ceramic coating mild steel headers. I'd send the photos to DT and see what they say...

Here's a link to the rust issues with the DT headers that the FJ Cruiser guys were/are having... Good luck!
In my case I was in the initial group buy when the headers were being developed. So, its been a good year by now so they warranty is out. I believe the warranty is about 1 year.

Here some photos of my headers. I was not aware how rusted they are until I saw this thread and took a look.

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guess I will just buy the uncoated ones and have them Jet Hot coated myself.
In my case I was in the initial group buy when the headers were being developed. So, its been a good year by now so they warranty is out. I believe the warranty is about 1 year.
my Doug Thorley long tubes are rusting away :( - Page 3 - Toyota FJ Cruiser Forum

at Doug Thorley Headers



Seems to be welching on the rust warranty here:

DT headers at summitracing have a rust disclaimer:

Doug Thorley Headers carry a lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship to the original purchaser. Chrome plated items carry no warranty for finish, other than to be free from defects at the time of purchase, prior to installation. This warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse, collisions, improper installation, alterations, off-road use, racing use, commercial use, "burn-out" or cracking caused by excessive heat, superchargers, or external heat insulating wrap. Rust or corrosion that occurs after the product is installed is also not covered.
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Makes one think twice about this.
I wonder how long before they rust out? It is such a beyotch to remove/replace I would be inclined to go that route if they will last a few years, even though they will look like crap.
I would think they still should last about 4-5 years before leaking. Just a guess on my part.
Just looked at mine, not showing any rust yet.
That is crappy worksmanship!!!
This makes my decision for me. I know its not Titan related, but the only affordable headers for my next car are Pacesetters also made with mild steal. I was between getting the factory coated outside only LT's (look like the DT's) for $360. Or the special order Jet Hoat 1700 coated inside and out ones for $499...Guess I'll go with the Jet Hot inside and out coated.
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Has there been any similar issues with jba or stillen headers?? cuz if not then sounds like jba and stillen are the only decent set or headers out there for our trucks
Boy, that is really bad. so they must be mild steel and not even 409. I think that they need to use T-304 in headers because of the heat. But, it seems that that coating was bad. it bubbled. I wonder if the curing process is bad or there was moisture on the header metal, they were not prepared correctly and already rust was under that coating. it seems like that was soem cheap paint!!!

I don't think I am bying these now. I live in PA, one season and they will be shot!

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