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Dual 10" sub box for sale

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Hey guys I have a friend trying to sell this:

I've decided that space is more important to me than thump, so I'm getting rid of this dual 10" sub box that I got at the last Old Town meet. I'm going back down to 1 10 so I have a little more bump but also some space under the seat. So this box has to go! It's built great and hits hard. It's down firing and fits well under the rear seat. I believe that it's only for a crew cab but I may be wrong. Asking for $100 local only. It'll be at the Old Town meet if I still have it and it will be for sale there too! I will post up pics soon.


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if you could ship it I would give you 120 + shipping to maine.
I might be interested. I live in Gainesville. I'll talk to my buddy that works in car audio install and see what he thinks and get back to you.
Sounds good just let me know
Bump...... Need to sell.....
sry, wont be able to get that off of you, [email protected] horses need food:hungry:
I'll take it when your just sick of looking at it, for free that is :)

If I were ready for this step I would take it, seems like a great deal!!!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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