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Dusted a Lexus IS 300 haha

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Some hot shot cut me off in his IS 300 on a freeway on-ramp coming home from work and thought he had the power to smoke me on the straight away, he did a double take and the look on his face was priceless as I walked him and then pulled a few car lengths on him. Then he just chilled behind me for a minute waiting until we caught up to traffic and then did a ricer flyby weaving in and out of cars. It made for a good laugh so I thought I would share.
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Energizer said:
pssst.... you drive a ricer too....
Yes I like to think of my truck more as a "Japanese American Truck" than ricer. The ricer flyby move was invented by "The Fast and the Furious" crowd and the "Pepboys 5000 dollar and up aftermarket crowd" where the thought of strapping on a wing or a giant muffler is gonna make you cool and see tunnel vision when you drop that right foot. Considering this guy had his cool shades on tryin to look tough with his giant coffee can muffler lacking enough power to beat a truck he just cut off and driving like a [email protected]$$ after he was clearly beatin I defined his action as a ricer flyby. If I race someone whether I win or lose I know when its over and I always give a thumbs up. I use the term ricer more to describe someones driving personality than their car alone. In my opinion there is a difference between a ricer, enthusiast, and true tuner. Just because it has a foreign label it doesn't make it rice. But, ok if it makes you feel better then I'll agree to say I drive around puffed wheat hows that sound? :jester:
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