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DVD overhead console

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Just bought my Silver 4x4 SE CC and wooohoooo what a ride! I got the Power package that has the 6 disc cd and overhead dvd console ready for hooking up the optional factory installed dvd player.
Here's my question. Are we forced to get the factory system or can we go aftermarket? I called the service dept but they had no clue what type wiring harness they use or what model number their dvd player is. They told me to call the local installer that they take the Titan's to be worked on . I called them and they have no clue what brand/harness type they use. Someone is on crack and not telling me the truth. Maybe they want to continue to profit from our ignorance.
Anyone have the dvd player option in the Titan who can shed light on this? I think we can all (power package owners) benefit from this issue.

Silver SE CC
Utility bed option
Power package
bed extender
new dad option-car seat :)
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