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DVD//Stereo controls on Overhead

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I just bought the 07 Titan SE and it has the control buttons on the overhead for a DVD/Stereo. Is the wiring already there for an overhead DVD player? There is not one there now and I would like to install one. If the power and sound wiring is already at the overhead console it will make it a lot easier. I just got the truck and have not had the time to start taking anything apart to verify this.
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I know on my 05 LE there is not a harness. But i do know you can order it. It is a seperate harness from the controls.
interested in this also.
Terrific query!! I'd like info as well! :computern
I had too come back too this thread and ask. I may be an idiot for asking, but all you guys above me have rear overhead controls for DVD, but no DVD? If you all have a CC with the RF6 I can understand controls for the stereo. I'm just missing something here someplace.
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