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E locker question

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How useful is the rear Elocker in real world conditions? I know it is very useful in hard core off road conditions, rock climbing, deep mud etc. How useful is it in snow? Does anyone find it useless? Has anyone kept from getting stuck because of it? Is there anyone that has it that regrets gettingit. Do you think the OR and Pro 4X packages are worth the extra cost and decreased fuel mileage (due to the gearing) vs just a plain 4x4? I am referring to the functional added off road value that the gear ratio, Rancho shocks, BFG Rugged Trail tires, E locker, skid plates etc. offer. Not considering the looks of the packages, stickers, guages, leather, rims etc.
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1. The Rancho shocks aren't a great improvement over the 'stock' shocks. It's more of a name recognition thing, expecting the consumer to say "oooohh--aaahhh-wowwwwww, it has Rancho Shocks!"

2. I don't have it (locker), and although I don't do any hardcore 4x4ing, haven't really missed it. My truck does excellent in the snow, even with the stock Wrangler SR-A tires.

3. You'll be glad you have the lower gears if you decide to upgrade to larger tires eventually.
Juday said:
that is determined by whether or not you go with the Big Tow package 4x4 or the standard package 4x4. The Big Tow has a lower gear ratio so it is going to have a few less mpgs. Many member here say (and I agree because I have it) to go with the BT package if given the choice.
The offroad/Pro-4x models come standard with the lower gears, regardless if you have the tow package or not.
Juday said:
ah, I did not know that. Well, I learn something new everyday.:cheers:
Yeah, I wasn't really positive of that fact, until I checked the website.
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