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East Bay CA - where to get smogged with headers?

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So I recently moved back to CA and I need to get my Armada registered/smogged. Last time I lived here I didn't have headers so it was no issue.

While living in PA my exhaust manifolds cracked so I put on Cajun's JBA headers and UpRev tune.
For any of you guys here in the East Bay area (Danvillle/Pleasanton/San Ramon) who have headers... where are you getting smogged at? Feel free to PM me if you prefer.

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Contact Cajun and ask if they have the California Compliance info for your setup.
California compliance info? There is no California compliance when you modify the OEM emissions system.

Removing the 2 pre-cats is a no-no.
And you moved back to California why?
What does that have to do with anything?
some places have carb certifications so that cannot be true.
You can get a carb sticker for something like an aftermarket CAI - which I already have for my Injen intake.

You will never see a carb cert in CA for removing 2 of 4 cats.
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