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Ebay Altezza Tail Lights - Opinions

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Hi Guys,

I was looking for a replacement set of tail lights and wanted to know if people had installed these.

Really what I wanted to know was, how are the quality on these tail lights, are they watertight and do they fit well?



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I just put some on the other day on my truck. They look pretty nice. go to this link and look at some of the last posts I have some pics of them
well there very similar to those but smoked. They fit just like the factory ones. the quality are good also
bighitter said:
Dom, which seller did you use and how was the service? After seeing these in person at OTIV I think I am going to have to get them on my smoke truck as well.
I got them off ebayizzle, The seller was edixworks. Service was decent. couldnt get any communication with him for like 4 days but when I did he said he was processing the lights to be shipped and then the day after that they came in. I guess he was agravated with me emailing him everyday wondering when they were going to be shipped so he just overnighted them? idk but they came in and there realy nice looking on the truck. I dont have a camera so I have to use the one on my phone
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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