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Ebay Altezza Tail Lights - Opinions

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Hi Guys,

I was looking for a replacement set of tail lights and wanted to know if people had installed these.

Really what I wanted to know was, how are the quality on these tail lights, are they watertight and do they fit well?



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i came from an import car background and have installed a couple of sets of the (ebay) headlights and taillights and even had a set of taillights on my 99 prelude back in the day but the old addage of you get what you pay for definately applies here. the headlights have a tendancy to leak and the outside of the light will begin to peel and look like when you see a car with the clearcoat peeling, and when you get them you can see compared to oem the quality just isnt there, some do look really great unfortunately most are just made cheap. thats why a set of blacked out rsx headlights from ebay are like 150.00 and the real blacked out headlights (jdm) are about 500.00. i work at an acura dealership and see many cars come in here with aftermarket lights on them and they look ok at first but then they become an eye sore. just make sure you dont sell your oem lights.
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