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Ebay find to finish tow package

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I bought this 2013 SL 4x4 last month. It has the big tow package (gears, mirrors, trans guage, 27 series battery, receiver...etc) I found the cable for the controller in the glove box. I don't have a trailer as of yet but plan to buy a 19' - 23' toy box in the future so I started to look at controllers to be prepared! I found this Hayes Genesis on Ebay, boxed new, for $22. An internet search showed others selling it for $80-$125. I don't need anything fancy and it looks easy to install. Wiring is already done!


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I would think the highly desired proportional nature of the P2 or P3 would not be duplicated in a $22.00 controller signal. And I would also want to know how the ability to fine tune the amount of signal (pressure) being sent to the trailer brakes is adjusted. Comes in real handy when going uphill and downhill in certain parts of the country. You don't want binary braking back there.

You could start here:

These guys are quite helpful on the phone as well.
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