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Ebay find to finish tow package

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I bought this 2013 SL 4x4 last month. It has the big tow package (gears, mirrors, trans guage, 27 series battery, receiver...etc) I found the cable for the controller in the glove box. I don't have a trailer as of yet but plan to buy a 19' - 23' toy box in the future so I started to look at controllers to be prepared! I found this Hayes Genesis on Ebay, boxed new, for $22. An internet search showed others selling it for $80-$125. I don't need anything fancy and it looks easy to install. Wiring is already done!


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I have the same brake controller that Indy does. I've tested it out rather severely a couple of times and it has done a fantastic job.

SDHarleyDad, I bought my controller based on the overwhelming recommendations for that specific unit here on the forum. Given what it does, I would go with one that is so highly recommended.
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