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This came out of my 05 Titan, approx 1.5yrs old and no problems. I dont need it in my 08 so thats the reason its for sale. Comes in orginal box, manuals, remote, and wiring harness already connected...$600 shipped.

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5.1 Multichannel Sound: Designed to please everyone who wants in-car entertainment, the AVX2404 offers genuine 5.1 multichannel theater sound to enhance DVD movie enjoyment. Accurately decoding dts, Dolby Digital 5.1 and Dolby Pro Logic program material sound, the AVX2404 will reproduce all the dramatic sound movement and localization effects. Dynamic range can also be reduced to gain greater dialog intelligibility in movies.

Time Alignment: This feature allows the car environment to have natural sound with accurate imaging, providing time delay that can be applied to the speakers in a multispeaker system. This makes sure all sounds arrive at a listener’s ears at the same time as well as being in correct phase.
5.1 multichannel sound enhances DVD enjoyment: Dynamic range compression: Watching movies is fine in a car, but sometimes the great dynamic range of multichannel DVD movie soundtracks can make it hard to clearly catch all the dialog. Raising the volume only raises the overall level with soundtrack music and sound effects being increased as well. The AVX2404 incorporates a digital dynamic range compressor that “squeezes” the dynamic range of program material to reduce big level changes. This lets dialog and soft sounds be heard with increased intelligibility.

Dedicated remote control: The AVX2404 features its own dedicated remote control for added user convenience.

50W x 4
CD, CD-R/RW, MP3 and DVD-Video
All digital circirty w/ advanced 24-bit D/A converter
High performance DSP
MOSFET Power Amplification
Wallpaper selectable
Rear view camera ready
5.8" wide TFT Touch Panel
FM/AM Tuner
Memory Stick Player Section
Graphic Equalizer
Video In/Out Put
CD Changer Compatible
Rear view camera-ready
Multichannel Sound
Digital to analog conversion
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