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So, I take my truck into the same locksmith to get my wife's key programmed to match the other two keys (see The younger locksmith charges me $50 to program the three keys (it was $45 to cut a new key and program two - he says the machine charges them every time they use it). I drive home and see that my "Check Engine Soon" light is on. I am beginning to fear a trip to the $dealership$ when I remember and use the search function on Titantalk.
The locksmith did a long series of inserting, turning on, and removing all three keys, intermittently starting the engine to test. I think it gave the ECU some instructions.
I decide to reset my ECU using the instructions at and used the "Easy Method". It worked the first time. The light went out. And... eureka! The startup problem discussed at also went away.
I do not know if it is real or pschological, but... it also seems to run smoother and I looked better in the mirror this morning when I woke up!
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