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Elect/Battery issue

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Hello all - First time!

'05 Titan CC SE and I like to go out to my truck on break/lunch to listen to the radio. Have the key in the ignition on Start. When time to go back in, notice that the window motors are really slow rolling up. Decided to turn the motor over and it just clicks and the gauge needles shake. Release the key and after a bit the needles rise a little and settle to zero. Try to start the engine again and same thing. Waited a little longer (< min) and try again. Clicking noise, needles shaking but then the engine starts to turn over very slowly but increases to a "normal" starting sound and I'm good to go. Took it to the dealer and of course they found nothing even though I told them how to recreate it and it has happened at least half a dozen times. No issues while driving or if the truck sits for a couple of days. Can't believe listening to the radio could lower the battery that much in an afternoon versus making the engine turn over every morning and evening.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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99.9% sure your battery is worn out, does not have the reserve capacity it used to. Typical of a dying battery, always surprises.

Jump start, charge for an hour or two, and drive to the battery shop. Do a load test (takes 2-3 minutes at most) and I'm sure they will say you need a battery.

Search for info on site. Many like the 180.00 Odysee (mispelled) in Yellow Top, or similiar. Remember, it needs reversed post to fit.

Main cause of batteries going bad is simply age, and not having water filled as it needs. Many do not check battery water level often enough., then blame the battery as being cheap.
Generally a battery that has an intermittant problem like that (Slow/no crank one try, starts fine the next) has a shorted cell. A battery load test, like was suggested above, can often determine that as long as it happens consistently. An intermittant cell short is harder to find, but the best way to fix it is to just replace the battery. Seems the batteries in our trucks don't last for very long, so if you have an original battery in your '05 you can pretty much bet on needing a new one.
Thanks for the info. I was leaning that way but I took it to the dealership and all electrical tests came back negative including battery and alt. This has been intermittent for a few months. It's just weird that running a radio without the engine would drain that much, yet each time shortly after the truck starts. Never an issue starting in the morning to work or leaving from.
mine does that too, I concluded that it was the cheap stock battery. I also have navigation, etc. so i figured that pulled a lot while the vehicle isnt running. I cant listen to the radio and vacume the truck out (10-15 mins) without it happening. I get back in and all i get is err, err, err, errrrrr, voom. lol It will also do it if i leave it sitting for 2-3 days without driving it. I have never had to jump it but i am worried i will one day. I started bringing cables with me just in case.
Most maintenance free batteries still have removable caps to add water. You probably dried out your battery and corroded the plates.

I have been using this product in all three of my boat batteries, which has substantially improved battery life and reduction of gassing under heavy load from the trolling motor and during charging. It doesn't completely eliminate battery maintenance, but reduces it by a great amount. Should the battery run dry, the oil does coat the plates to help reduce plate corrosion extending battery life.

I admit that this is a cheezy video, but the product has lived up to its claims:
I continue to thank all for your insight.
I guess I'm a little stubborn that I haven't had to replace a battery in a vehicle until it was about 5 years old up to now ( I don't include the '80s). We have a 2004 Murano with no issues, but the Titan has had a couple of little things and now this. Went with the Titan at the time because we tow a 28' camper. The Ford I had beforehand was a little short on the torque. Titan has been good for towing, but I might look at Ford again now that the truck has more HP and TQ than the early '90 I had.

Guess I'll go ahead and replace the battery since colder weather is here in PA.

mine crapped out a few weeks ago 2005 w/ 50000 on I thought it was a bit early but the battery would not hold a charge so I was forced to buy a new one. Pooped the caps off and it was still full but tested as a bad cell or cells.
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