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Electrical 'Meltdown'

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severe electrical problem

So I was driving just fine when my battery and park brake lights came on, I stopped to check them and didn't find anything wrong. Kept on driving and about 15 minutes later the truck loses power and rolls to a stop. I tries to restart but when I tried some of the warning lights on my dash (ABS, SLIP, air bags(both), E-lock(never used it yet), oil, etc.) started blinking like a christmas tree, then the needles on all my gauges started to shake and flick up and down. the needles then rise up to slighlty and then drop....this happens with the truck running then the gauges seem to act fine. :teethmast

The truck did restart, revved fine but when put into gear the engine revs up on its own and the truck pulls way slighly, going just faster then idle. When the gas is pressed the nothing happens and when I put it in neutral it feels like the brakes come on a bit. :huh: Had it towed and am waiting for the dealership to open tomorrow.

Had no previous problems, did a bit of mudding two nights before and washed the truck and engine compartment in the morning - no problems when I finally parked it later last night.

WTF!!! Has anyone else heard of a Titan acting in such a manner before?????
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And to make matters worse the rental i got is a marroon GMC. I like how it says Z71 off road but is about 4 inches off the ground.....:huh:

I want my Titan back :crying:
Just got word from my dealer (Nissan that is hehe) was my alternator. It was packed with mud and other goodies. They told me that they will do a warranty on it, like they were doing me a sell a off-road series when they can't handle being off-road...first go in the mud and it crapped out. Hell, my '97 hardbody is tougher then that :huh:
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