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enclosed car trailer

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i will be going on a 60 mile (round trip) to a race saturday and i am borrowing an enclosed trailer. its a 27' enclosed car hauler it does not have an equalizer set up will i be fine?
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That's a lot of trailer w/o a WD...If you hook it up and it doesn't squat your truck to death, and test tow it for sway and it stays put, then you're good, but you can't know all this until you actually hook it up and try.
On paper, it doesn't look good. If it's only 30 miles each way and you keep it at 55 then you might pull it off...
last night it snowed 4" so i borrowed a 3500 cummins and then the race was cancelled anyways. i appriciate the help.
yea depends on the weight of the car and everything inside the trailer. but all that witout WD is definately going to sway on the highway.
You deffinitely would need a WD hitch for a 27' enclosed trailer. Mine is 20' and the tounge weight is more or less 400lbs when empty. With my car loaded the tounge is 700lbs. I would bet that 27' is around 6000lbs empty, tack on another 3000lbs for the car and you're lookin' at a 900lbs tounge weight.
You must get the weight distribution hitch...period...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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