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Engine misfire...CEL flashing... Dealer can't solve

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I have been had a sporadic misfire problem with my 2008 Nissan Titan since week #2 of ownership.... I'm looking for any advice.... It broke down and stranded my family and I today while towing our camper home from vacation...

I have put together a web page of the whole problem...including a video of the engine shudder it has...

Any help would be great...

My Bad Nissan Titan


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My first 2 instincts are...Call Nissan USA, as well as finding another dealer to check it over. I've never, never seen a vehicle do something that crazy. Acting up like that would initially cause me to think something is loose through the drivetrain. But you can fully see your RPM's instantly rise as soon as the shudder stops. You need to fight with that dealership more if you insist on taking it too them. Considering it's the same issue, I think as long as you have a lemon law, I would say this fully qualifies based on the amount of times you had it in for the same problem. Keep us informed of what goes on, but stand your ground with those guys.
wow that's bad. you need to get nissan usa involved for sure. if not a lawyer.
can't belived they gave your truck back to you the very first time without fixing it.
hope they fix it for you under warranty
Most likely causes (imho) would be Cam Shaft Sensor, Crank Shaft Sensor, Coil on Ignition, or ECU Failure.
Thanks... I have spoken to Nissan USA...and they offered no solutions. What has been extremely frustrating is that every time i have taken it in for the exact same symptoms since the warranty has expired...they want to charge me to even run the diagnostics...and they say the see a misfire. I did not realize until last year that they had stopped documenting it on my paperwork every time I complained. Last month I refused to pay for the rest of my service until they reprinted the paperwork documenting the issue.

When it runs great...I love the truck...and this is my second Nissan (drove a 2002 Frontier for 6 years 80K miles)... but this has been a bad experience.

Thanks for the input... I should know more today once the dealer opens...

New dealership and a lawyer is sounding more reasonable then. You shouldn't have to pay for something they still can't figure out.
i know in older titans there was a recall for a relay in the ipdm that caused same symptoms-have yours checked people were losing power and having hard starting and rough idling and it all went away when replaced, i was having no issues in my 06 but had it replaced under recall anyways-i dont think its an issue for 08s but you could have been the lucky winner of a faulty one.
What code is it giving?
Dumping unburned fuel into cats can cause cat failure, backsucking of cat grit, destroying engine.

What has been extremely frustrating is that every time i have taken it in for the exact same symptoms since the warranty has expired...they want to charge me to even run the diagnostics...and they say the see a misfire.
If they can't diagnose the problem, how do they know it isn't caused by something covered under the 5 year - 60,000 mile powertrain warranty or 8 year 80,000 mile federal emissions warranty?

I would talk to a lemon law lawyer.
They are replacing cat under warranty..that and the exhaust manifold... the service rep (Dorschel Nissan of Rochester) tried to use that as the reason for my symptoms....but I find it hard to believe that was faulty at 600 miles when this whole thing started.

I'm not sure how the whole Lemon Law thing works here in NY....will have to research.
Remember new parts carry a 12/12 warranty too. I would do a Used Oil Analysis to be certain no excess cylinder wall wear exist due to cat material being sucked into the engine, possibly have engine scoped.
My 2 Cents.....
I think you may be out of luck with respect to the lemon law since the original warr is expired. I know that you have great documentation, but the time to have the fight was during the original warr period. You should have not taken the truck home without it being 100% fixed any of the times the "attempted" to repair it. If it acted up at all I would have been at there door the very next morning, I ould not have relaxed at all on this issue. I know it is a huge hassle to keep going back to the dealer, but you paid good money for a new truck, and you got a major lemon.

poor mechanics at that dealership, typical these day of mechanics that cant diagnose the problem. has to be a bad wire causing it to be intermitten.
Army Av, if only we could team up and tackle that kind of problem. I had to hunt out my own wiring gripe and take it to the dealer and prove that was the problem. Dumb dealerships...
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they don't want to spent the time trying to find the problem. In aviation maint. I have too, thats my training and experience.
just the same with my rear end, kept taking it in and and could not tell me what wrong with my rear, said it was normal. Well, it really got bad and told me it was my pinion bearing that was bad causing my pinion seal to keep leaking after the 4th time. I called Nissan USA and complained, told them this is BS!!!! so Nissan step up and replaced my rear and I had 98K out of warranty.
So...the saga continues... Back when I first got the truck...the would tell me that unless the CEL stayed on...they could not do much...but if it did that would give them codes to diagnose... well it started staying on...but that was not enough... so then they would tell me that the truck had to reproduce the symptoms..which it never has for them...until now... but now they say it is not reproducing them long enough for them to figure it out.

...on top of that...the head of service at the dealer said they'd hook me up with a loaner if it was going to be in the shop more than 1 day...well that has come and gone...and he has not returned a call since Tuesday. The service writer has also gone silent.... unbelievable service.....

I did speak to my rep at Nissan USA yesterday and she was supposed to be talking to them...but I did not hear back from her either.

wow thats terrible!!
I would ask them to make it right with a fair trade in, or go lemon law.

I wouldn't trade it, I would go talk to an attorney and see what they have to say. Try finding the direct number to the owner of the dealership and complain as well as filing with the BBB on that dealership specifically. Not all dealerships are scum, most, but not all. This needs taken care of and not at your expense of needing to finance another vehicle.
So... it's now been 21 days and my truck is still in the shop...

They can get it to reproduce the problem...but can't figure it out. Last I knew they were moving parts from cylinder to cylinder to rule out plug, injector, etc. vs wiring harness... but I have not had an update in about 5 days...and won't get one unless I bug them.

Nissan USA won't do much.. they will give me a big $750 towards a new Titan.... But the dealer won't give much of a deal even though they claim to want to help me and make no money off of me. They had the nerve to tell me my trade was not worth as much because it has engine problems....what??? ... that's why I've been there to begin with...

It's been a bad bad experience....
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