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Engine shuts off

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Hello all,
I recently purchased an '04 Titan LE. Beautiful condition! The truck came with brand new 33" Baja Champions on 16's.
Also a KN air filter kit and a Bank's Monster 3" cat-back exhaust system; zero restriction.
The truck occasionally just shuts off when it gets close to idle rpm. It doesn't do it all the time! It can happen in cruise
going down hill when the rpm's start to can shut off. I just put it in neutral...start it...put it back in drive.!
It can happen at a traffic light...put in in neutral...start it and go. It is occasional.
My guess is sensors are being "fooled" by the intake and exhaust.
We bought the truck for it's outstanding condition...not because of the accessories.
Lookin" for some solutions.
Thank you so much!
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Thank you for responding,
There was a code: P20 something...left bank o2 sensor below par(?) The man that read it said it wouldn't cause the problem.
Am I wrong in assuming that the aftermarket intake and straight through (3") exhaust aren't affecting the ECM.
I thought that some back-pressure was necessary. BTW the exhaust is really loud...ether way I should put a muffler or add a resonator.
Unlike some of the other people, when it stalls, I can restart immediately and keep going like nothing happened (still not good).
Also, when warm it idles around 600 rpm. Thank you hpworx
Again, thank you
Yes that's the code and you're right, it has nothing to do with the issue.
I've been under the truck and I am sure it is just the system from the cat back, no headers.
Is it worth a try to restrict or change the exhaust to add back pressure ?
Is 600 rpm's too low ?
Thanx hpworx
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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