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Engine vibration during cold start...

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I’ve done some searching but didn’t find anything. My truck is a 2004 Titan LE crew-cab 4x4 and totally stock with 197,000 miles and I am the original owner. The only modification I have done was opening up the air intake in the filter box. Spark plugs and serpentine belt replaced with OEM parts around 110,000 miles. All services and recalls performed through my local dealership. Most of my driving is long distance on the interstate and I love this truck.

My problem – over the past several months my truck has developed an engine vibration during cold start ups. The steering wheel and mirrors shake, but not violently. Just enough to see and feel, and it has never done this before. It happens regardless of the outside temperature and the transmission being in P, D or N, or while sitting still or moving. After the engine warms up to operating temperature it goes away. The vibration is there sometimes when starting the engine while warm but not completely cold.

On cold start up the RPM gauge is at about 1100-1200. If I touch the gas pedal to bring the RPM’s up a tad the vibration goes away. When the engine is warm the RPM’s drop to around 500-550 as normal and the vibration is gone, whether in gear or not.

The Check Engine light has been on for years, and $80 at the dealership told me the gas cap was loose. The passenger side exhaust manifold sounds like it is cracked but it’s not loud. There has been no change in performance or fuel mileage.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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Update - I cold-started the truck today in 80 degree weather and didn't experience any vibration at all. This is the first day of the season we have been that high in temperature. Any thoughts?
it could be the evaporative emession purge valve, is there any code
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Funny you mention the Check Engine light...

Update – the Service Engine light has been on for a long time. $80 at the dealership told me it was a loose gas cap. The light has been off for two days and came back on today. Haven’t checked the code yet.

Been having another issue where turning the key only results in a click from the starter and not turning the engine over. It sounds like the bendix is hitting the flywheel but not engaging. Sometimes it takes five to ten turns of the key before the engine will turn over and run. This has been happening more recently. A friend with an ’05 Titan had his truck suddenly stop turning over, had it towed and it was a bad wire on the starter. I did some more research today and found out this may all be a grounding issue. I recalled that the early years of this truck had a weak ground and it was advised to add an additional ground cable. This was never done to my truck and I would like to check and clean the existing grounds first.

Does anyone have a link showing where all factory grounds for the battery and starter are located?
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Update on the starter clicking. They checked the wiring and everything was ok. The starter has been going bad for awhile and finally got to this point so I had it replaced. The tech had only replaced one other starter on an Armada with 170K miles so he was familiar with the symptoms. Nissan states it takes two hours to replace but it's more like three to four. About $780.00 to complete the job. Fenton Nissan in Knoxville, TN always takes care of their customers.
You probably have a bad engine or transmission mount.
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