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Equalizer Hitch

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I have a 05 Titan 4X4 w/ Big Tow Package. I had an independant dealer install a Equalizer Hitch on my vehicle because I purchased a travel trailer which weighs approx. 5200 lbs. I have seen other vehicles with the same hitch but the hitch drop is in the third hole, where mine is in the fourth. I recently towed my TT and a friend of mine stated that it looked like my TT was not level while going down the road. What position is everyone else's hitch drop set at?
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We had our Equal i zer hitch installed by the trailer dealer. The first install was too radical. It lifted the rear end of the truck too much and was very hard to hook and unhook the bars. Took it back and they had a more experienced installer reinstall. Now it's just right. When fully loaded the trailer and truck all look close to level. Maybe a little lower than level at the hitch. I think thats a good thing as our Nomad trailer is about 7000# and am told the tongue weight is about 800# +/-. Go to the Equalizer factory web sight. They have a video that describes exactly how to adjust and set up properly. We really like our Equalizer, but it's a little noisey at first. Takes some time to work out the squeaks and clunks. I've had other good WD hitches with other trailers. This one is very good and easy to work with and makes towing my trailer a breeze.
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