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Equalizer Hitch

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I have a 05 Titan 4X4 w/ Big Tow Package. I had an independant dealer install a Equalizer Hitch on my vehicle because I purchased a travel trailer which weighs approx. 5200 lbs. I have seen other vehicles with the same hitch but the hitch drop is in the third hole, where mine is in the fourth. I recently towed my TT and a friend of mine stated that it looked like my TT was not level while going down the road. What position is everyone else's hitch drop set at?
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This is mine, but I think where you put the bolts also depend on the toung weight of the TT and obvously the height of the truck. I have heard some say that you want the toung to be a little lower. I don't know if it's true or not. My TT is a little low...about 1 inch from front to back.
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