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Equalizer Hitch

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I have a 05 Titan 4X4 w/ Big Tow Package. I had an independant dealer install a Equalizer Hitch on my vehicle because I purchased a travel trailer which weighs approx. 5200 lbs. I have seen other vehicles with the same hitch but the hitch drop is in the third hole, where mine is in the fourth. I recently towed my TT and a friend of mine stated that it looked like my TT was not level while going down the road. What position is everyone else's hitch drop set at?
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I had mine set-up where I bought my Trailer too. They really sucked at it and I knew it when we attached my truck to the trailer. My arse was dropping really bad. I asked them about it and they said it was normal because of my 6" lift. First thing I did was drive it to a parking lot and made some adjustments which made it better but not where I thought it should be. I ended up emailing Equali-z-er and found out that the trailer dealer installed my Sway Control Bracket upside down. I flipped them and now it's looking better.

Each set-up is going to be different but the start up point should be the same before adjusting. Equali-z-er recommends starting with 5 washers and place the the plates on the 5th hole from the top.

As far as your hitch goes you need adjust by taking some measurements and if you can weigh the tongue to get the actual tongue weight. Take a look here Equali-z-er set-up for the directions. My hitch is at the very bottom again due to the lift I have

And as TomAZ said also take a look at the video here

The set up is easily done just by a couple of hand tools!

Good Luck,
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