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Ok - so I get an SES light on my truck. I go and check the code. Its the evap valve code. So I order one. So far so good huh. Well I climb under the truck to change it out and the evap canister is gone and it looks like the wires have been cut and the hose is gone. WTH!! I should have prefaced that with my truck had been to the body shop in December. When I got it back is when the SES light came on. Its fracking cold so I dont look underneath at that point. I do call the body shop to see if they did something underneath the truck and they say no because the damage was on the top of the cab.(I was an idiot and backed into my garage door.) So 2 weeks after I get the truck back from being fixed I get rear ended by a semi on interstate 80 on my way to work. Another 3k in damage later I get truck back again. We have a nice day here in Omahell and decide hey I'm gonna do this it will only be about 10 minutes work and clear the code and all is well. No such luck. I have posted pics. You tell me if it doesn't look like someone cut the wires and took it. My guess is it happened while the truck was sitting at the body shop outside. When I dropped it off the first time at the body shop there was no SES code. When I left there was a light. I should have pursued it but I didn't. My fault. It just grinds my nads that someone would do something like that for a 50 dollar part that is specific to a Nissan Titan. Just wanted to vent. Thanks for reading.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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