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Everything to convert XE to power mirrors-$165 delivered

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I haven't posted in a while.I sold my XE about 1.5 years ago,and never got around to putting on the power mirror setup that cost me about $280.
I have everything you need-to do the switch
Right and left hand mirrors-used but in good shape.Got them off ebay-someone switched in tow mirrors I guess-cost me about $150
The wiring harnesses you need to install
The switch you need to actually operate the mirrors.
You will have to look up the actual procedure-I don't remember it off hand.
I was a regular poster here, but $$ intervened,and I had to sell my truck(2004 XE Extra cab that was a lot of fun,and got 20.9 mpg during our 3000 mile evacuation-almost all interstate, but the bed was loaded-lotta kinda slow driving because there was lots of roadwork in LA,TX,NM,AZ(NEW ORLEANS TP FLAGSTAFF).I loved that truck.
$165 delivered in the lower 48 states via FED EX.
I am on ebay as phoebeisis (I accidently left out the E here on the forum)-great feedback.
Contact via pm or [email protected] or at aol same same
I replaced the Titan,and the Honda Pilot,and Corolla with a 200,000 1998 2wd Suburban($2950),and a-not a bad vehicle-lotta rattles, but pretty decent so far-also have a small hybrid-3 nearly new vehicles for one newish and one ancient($$ problems).We needed something big to evacuate,and something small for the $3 gas.


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Man, if they were only BT. Good Luck.
Thanks for the interest. This mod is strictly bolt on plug and play-no cutting wires or anything like that; just bolt on the mirrors,plug in the wiring harnesses/switch and that is it..No doubt it is a pain to get the trim/panel off the inside of the door, but the instructions on how to do it is buried in this forum about 1.5-2 years back.I read it.
My guess is 1.5 hours,so better double that and figure 3 hours to do it carefully(it always takes longer than you think 1st time).Getting trim panels off always requires some trick-make sure you copy the description you'll find on the forum somewhere.
SOLD...................Payment sent..
i know the item has been sold, but i just have a quick question for you since i've been trying to get this done for a while now.

did you actually make that custom harness from the how to thread? or did you just buy all the parts and you still need to make the harness?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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