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Ex Titan Owner Selling Several Parts

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I sold my Titan this week I know I know, WHY? Well as much as I loved the truck I had to downsize, both for $$ (payment) and gas mileage. Got an Ext Cab 5cyl Colorado. But It was a good run though! I have listed a bunch of Titan parts that I had left at the house on Ebay and I wanted to give my Ol' Titan pals the first dibs.

OEM DS Headlight:

OEM PS Headlight:

OEM DS Taillight:

OEM PS Taillight:

OEM Air Intake:

OEM Engine Cover/Shroud:

OEM Wireless IR DVD Headphones:

2" Front Leveling Lift Kit:

OEM Rear Suspension Shackles:

If Individual links are not working - My Ebay seller ID is Evolutionman74. Do an advanced search and type in my seller ID. All my items will come up.

I have the factory Cat-Back exhaust if anyone is interested. I haven't listed that yet. I am near Tampa FL if you want to arrange a meet-up. PM me if you have any questions on the items.

Also if anyone from the Club Titan .org or wins or buys any of my items on Ebay I will cut the listed shipping for you in half. Just email me or PM me before you pay with Paypal. If you give me a solid offer on any item before the auction ends and I have no bids on it I can cancel the Ebay auction early and sell directly to you. Thanks!
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For some reason the links don't work on this website. :(

PM me for waht item you are interested if you need help and I will get you the link. The links work in PM messages here for some reason.
Headlights are Sold!

Still alot left...
The forum software truncates the links if they are too long.

Here's a link to the seller's ebay listings.
Thanks FireCapt, that was cool! :cheers:
Wireless Headphones are Sold...

*** I just found Chrome "Titan" Door Sill inserts NIB never even opened. I haven't listed these on Ebay yet. Will do it this weekend. They have 3M adhesive backing. $35 shipped on those BRAND NEW ***

*** Also have BRAND NEW Chrome Wheel Flares. They were never installed because I thought about painting them black to match my truck but never did. I have all hardware and box. They are small flares maybe stick out an extra inch to inch-quarter. Box is kinda big, $75 shipped! ***
Leveling Kit is gone now... selling like hot cakes! :)
Both tailights and Door Sills are gone...
GalaxyTitan22 said:
Both tailights and Door Sills are gone...
do you have the lowering shackles?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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