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couple years ago my wife and i made a terrible decision and sold her toyota tacoma. after some budgeting and patience we just picked up a 2007 Titan off road truck. ive been reading forums on this site the past few months doing research and always liked the look of titans since they came out. any tips are greatly appreciated and looking to change the oil myself (if its easy enough).


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There is a "tray" under the oil filter that mostly directs the oil down through the opening in the skid plate. I created a wider/longer tray that goes underneath the OEM tray to ensure that ALL the oil goes where I want it to. It's just simple aluminum sheeting formed to fit.

If you really want a no-mess oil change, take a gallon or half gallon plastic milk jug and cut out the bottom. Put the jug up under the oil filter and then remove the oil filter. Let the filter drop into the jug and keep the jug there for about a minute. That will catch most of the oil and prevent a mess.

The other half of the no-mess oil change is to install a Qwik Drain Valve on the oil pan. I routinely change my oil right after a long drive - it flows out faster that way. Connect a plastic hose to the drain valve, route the hose into an empty jug and open the valve. Be sure you stop the flow of oil before the jug is full. Switch jugs if necessary.

My old Titan routinely took 7.2 quarts of oil.
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