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A buddy is preparing to replace his OEM exhaust manifolds (160K miles!) on his 2007 Armada. Here is the parts list I had him order. All except the sensors came from

Part Number Part Name
20691-0P600 Muffler & Pipe Gasket Price: $9.01 Quantity: 2 (This is for an OEM-like flange on the manifold side and OEM b-pipes. Headers won't have this.)
14036-7S001 Manifold Gasket Price: $17.05 Quantity: 2
14094-JG30A Nut Price: $0.81 Quantity: 16
14064-JG30A Stud Price: $2.00 Quantity: 4 $8.00
Bosch 15370 Oxygen Sensor (upstream) Quantity: 2 Price: $80.03

We're hoping that we won't need any of the studs, but we'll have them just in case. If possible, I would source the nuts from a local hardware store and try to find a grade better than what Nissan uses. I found that my OEM nuts rounded rather easy and that's the only reason I would use a better grade. Just be sure you don't over torque the nuts. Very few of them can be accessed by a torque wrench so you'll have to do your best to guess at a good torque.
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