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Exhaust Odor

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I am curious if anyone else has noticed an exhaust odor from their truck? I keep mine in the same garage I have kept all my previous vehicles in but since I got my Titan I have noticed an amonia and sulfur smell in my garage whenever the truck is running. This is the largest engine of them all so it would stand to reason that there is more exhaust and therefore more odor, but my girlfriend has also complained several times now that when driving behind me in traffic she can smell my exhaust. I would expect that from a diesel but not a gasoline engine if it's in good health, furthermore, since she first compained I have tried to notice other titans and I can't say I have found one that smells like mine. Any thoughts from those of you who understand the inner workings of these newer engines?
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i once had a plastic taco bell bag melted under my muffler on my old civic. i could smell the burning plastic and a nasty taco kind of odor, couldn't find the source for a week, until i lifted the car then bingo! hey you never know...
Rotten egg smell is usually a catalytic converter going bad.
TitanLou said:
Rotten egg smell is usually a catalytic converter going bad.
and when it goes bad, it get sucked into the engine.:D
or could be you had too much Mexican food for lunch and the scent is stuck to your truck...:eveilgrin

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Like TL & BBF said you have a cat conv. going bad.
Yes my Titan has the exact same smell it smells like amonia. I dont know what is is. It only does it every now and then though. Let me know if you get yours fixed.
Mine too has the amonia smell but only when the engine is hot. I only notice it as I am unhooking my boat. not so much when I am attaching my boat as it is usually a cold engine at that time. definately an amonia smell. strange!
dealer said that japanese cars have different catalitic converters because of their more strict emissions requirments in Japan. He said they burn hotter and do a better job of removing polution from the exhaust, and that it is normal to smell a chemical smell from them because of it. Sounds reasonable to me...
That is a slightly better explanation than saying your tires are low on air causing the exhaust fumes to bounce off the pavement better.
I smelled ammonia for the first time today when un-hooking my Travel trailer...hmmmm?
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