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exhaust question

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i am debating on doing a Y pipe on my 08 titan and a single exhaust out. im looking at the 2.5 dual in and 3in outlet. or should i just keep the duals and find a dual in single out muffler? would the y pipe flow enough not to loose any power?
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I just swapped my stock for a magnaflow. F*****G AWSOME. I read that you gain 8WHP and 14lbs.WT. I don't know if it's that much but it is a noticable difference. It's my first and only mod so far and I can easily lay rubber with both rear wheels now. Can't wait for my 2 degree advance and CAI.
I used the 12280 2"d/2.5"s, $78 shipped. Most people use the 12258 2.25"d/2.5"s, $62 shipped. Our stock muffler is 2.25"d/2.5"s but the pipes going in our 2" so I chose the 12280. Had I realized the 12258 was $16 cheaper I would've gotten that. I don't think there is any noticable performance difference, if any, between the 2. Now the Magnaflow inlets will be about 3-4" closer together than the stock inlets so in order for the stock pipes to fit the drivers side inlet was cut right before the curve about 18" form the muffler and rotated 180 degrees. Even then it still needed to bent slightly to line up. Of course everything is welded up, but any reputable muffler shop should be able to do this swap in less than an hour. Oh yeah, I ordered through hottexhaust, who probably beat anyone elses prices on Magnaflow products
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$50-$75 to have installed. Again it should take less than an hour and most any muffler shop can do it. Shop around and see who has the lowest hourly rate.
No problem, good luck with it.
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