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exhaust question

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i am debating on doing a Y pipe on my 08 titan and a single exhaust out. im looking at the 2.5 dual in and 3in outlet. or should i just keep the duals and find a dual in single out muffler? would the y pipe flow enough not to loose any power?
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I'm finding that a dual in single out aftermarket muffler is hard to find.
sligsta said:
I just swapped my stock for a magnaflow. F*****G AWSOME. I read that you gain 8WHP and 14lbs.WT. I don't know if it's that much but it is a noticable difference. It's my first and only mod so far and I can easily lay rubber with both rear wheels now. Can't wait for my 2 degree advance and CAI.
Since we have the same truck (I have a CC) - can you tell me the model number of that muffler? Also was it easy or did you have to weld?
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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