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Exhaust Solution Needed

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Just picked up a '15 Titan SL 2wd. Nice low mile truck but the previous owner cut out the factory muffler and added dual exhaust. I have no idea why anyone would want straight pipes with no muffler but I've got to find a quick, cost effective solution to lower the exhaust noise since this is my daily driver. I want to install a 2 in 2 out muffler. I've got someone lined up to weld it in but have no idea what muffler to order. What 2 in 2 out muffler would you suggest to quieten these straight pipes?
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I would look into the magnaflow but be warned of the CIS (card in spoke sound) at WOT...... I installed 2 14" magnaflows dumped pver the rear and an Xpipe where the pipes met (closer to the motor the better) on my old '07. Eliminated the CIS and had a great sound.
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