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Exhaust System Help

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I had a NISMO dual system installed yesterday along with NISMO headers. The power is great but I hate how loud it is. I'm scaring old people at stop lights and one lady flipped me off. An aggressive rumble is nice but this is rediculous. Does anybody know about these systems and what could be done about the noise? I hate to start modifying already but I have to do something.:dunno:
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Yes add some cats for starters. If still to loud throw another resenator in there. Shouldnt effect power much at all.

BTW... Is it possible to powdercoat the exhaust tip say flat black or somthing? Will it burn off? I heard of tuner cars doing this but never seen first hand. thx sorry to change subject
yeggsfab said:
wow that is nuts that sounds like my exhaust with it wide open when i take off the caps to my cutouts

good luck on trying to make it more quiet throw like a 50 series big block muffler on it and it should really help if the resonators dont

Dude! Sound clip please!!!!
1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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