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Exhaust System Help

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I had a NISMO dual system installed yesterday along with NISMO headers. The power is great but I hate how loud it is. I'm scaring old people at stop lights and one lady flipped me off. An aggressive rumble is nice but this is rediculous. Does anybody know about these systems and what could be done about the noise? I hate to start modifying already but I have to do something.:dunno:
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It is a catback system. I posted pictures in the gallery a few days ago. I thought being from NISMO it would not only bolt up properly but also be a little less aggresive with the sound.
I thought about resonators but I wanted to get some opinions from other Titan owners. Thanks
Yes, It's THAT loud! I'll try to figure out how to post a sound clip tomorrow. You may hear it in Bossier anyway!
Loud is cool but I'm getting too old for that crap, plus I have to maintain a professional image since I use my truck for business. I'd consider selling the system (cat back) at a great price and installing something else.
Appreciate the thoughts. I need to sit down this weekend and look into different systems. I should have sound clips/movie posted by later tonight if I can figure out how to do it.
I've coated a few but it really depends on the application. If the parts are continuously getting to the 300F degree or hooter, I wouldn't do it. Depending on what type of coating it is, it may change color first, then crack off. Basically you would keep curing it and curing it.
If they don't get hot, don't worry about it. Coat it like any other parts. There are some high temp coatings made for BBQ pits,etc. that are resistant to 600F degrees. They may be a better choice, especially if you want black.
Here how loud the system is....(the link is to YouTube if it doesn't work, never done this before).
Correct...everything but black:eek:ldschool
It does have a bad drone. I'll post a clip of the inside cab noise later today. It lloks like I'm going to try resonators first to take the edge off.
Here is the inside cab noise...enjoy
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