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Im serious i need info on this people. Exhuast replacement void warranty

Hey guys Iv had my truck for a couple months now and Ivebeen looking into exhaust set ups.

I want to get a good exhaust system that isn't crazy $, a loud deep throaty sound, will not ruin low end or high end power, increases performance And does not void the factory warranty.( I don't care if it only voids warranty for exhaust as long as whoever I get the exhuast from has a warranty)

I like it dumped before the wheel but I dont know if there is bs with warranty. I also like it dual side exit or single side exit.

I was looking at banks but I decided to look around some more. I readthat you lose low end power with banks and some buddies have told me they are too expensive. Iv also read that you want full flow in the muffler - less restriction.

I'm new to changin my vehicle from it's boring stock set up so sorryin advance if I use wrong terms or information.

I have the 7 year warranty and I just want a bada$$ sounding truck with out voidingthat warranty. Any help is appreciated.
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