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Extang Trifecta question

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I think I have my tonneau cover narrowed down to the Extang Trifecta, unless the solid fold comes out soon with the utili track option. My question is this, has anyone seen a Trifecta in the "Signature Fabric" canvas? There is a choice between the vinyl or the canvas. The canvas looks more like a flat black and not quite as cheap looking, at least in the pics. I have never seen either a vinyl or canvas Trifecta up close, so any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks.
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I tried to buy one but they didnt have any in my area. The girl i talked to on the phone says her hubby has one, and that they look a lot better.
Call Extang and have them send you a sample of each. I have the standard vinyl.
I have the vinyl on mine, it does look kinda cheap, but its water tight. Serves
its pourpose well.
I have the Signature Fabric. It looks fantastic.
I just got word back from Extang and they said the ETA for the Solid Fold for the Titan is 6-8 weeks. I may try and hold out for that.
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