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Extended Warranty

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When I bought my 04 LE on Sept 1, 2004, I was told that I can get the extended Nissan warranty to 100,000 miles at ANY time. I specifically asked if I had 50,000 miles on the truck, can I still get it and they said yes.

Today I go to the dealer to get a price on the warranty. I now have 55,000 on the LE and they said, Sorry, it has to be done by 36,000 and/or 3 years. I argued with them but they said too bad.

Why would I buy a warranty before 36,000 when the vehicle has a 60,000 mile warranty to start with?

They have been a great dealership until now and I wondered if anyone has had this happen to them.

Does anyone know if I can still get the extended warranty?

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You got some bad info when you bought your truck. I wouldn't use that dealer anymore.
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