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Is there a website that sells customized emblems?

I've seen a few websites with some emblems that say Titan or Texas and **** like that, but I'm looking for stuff a little more customized like Superman or say my favorite band sold as an emblem for a grill or on the side of the truck.

Also, what billet grill do you guys recommend? I've seen several, but based on price, I don't really know if I'm getting what I paid for.....or worse, overpaying.

Next, Ipod Auxiliary inputs - what do you guys have in your trucks that let you use your ipod smoothly?

Last, tailgate "bib" and how ugly it looks. I hate the black...i've seen a few customized chrome accents that can be placed on there, but I'd rather see what everyone has come up with for that. Whether they've painted them the color of the vehicle, or dipped their current part in chrome.

I pick up my Titan tomorrow and can't wait to see what little things I can do to it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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