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Exterior styling upgrades for a 2008 Titan

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I have been surfing the net looking for several items:

I have a 2008 Titan King Cab.

I was looking for:

Chrome door handle covers
Chrome side mirror covers
chrome foglamp covers
Chrome window sill
Billet style grille 3 piece set, horizontal bars, where the factor Nissan logo is still there. Also, I wouldn't mind the bumper grill to be a billet style too.

Where can I find these for 2008 models. Everywhere I look, they only list 04-07. My dad has a 06 Titan, and there are subtle differences where some things, I am certain, wouldn't fit.

Can someone help me out? I know the grill would be an issue, but what about the door covers? side mirror covers? window sills? Looking at my dad's truck and mine side by side, the only exterior difference I could find was the grill and headlights being slightly different.
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