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I know most people on here already have a Titan but it's worth a shot. I'm in the Dallas area and will be selling my Titan. The truck has all the LE options (which is almost everything you can get) plus Tow Package. No navagation and no off road package and 26,500 miles. Factory warranty is good until February 20, 2008 or 36000 whichever comes first. Color: Radiant Silver.

Kelly Blue Book Private Party: 21000
Nada Retail (doesn't offer private party): 22850

Asking: $19,800

I'm not entirely dissapointed with what I've been offered at Carmax so I doubt I'll have it much longer so if you're a serious buyer make an offer.

I would post pics here but I'm a member of clubtitan and don't have the necessary 15 posts to put pictures on here. I have pics posted on the clubtitan site in the forsale/trade section.
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