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F/S Billy Boat Exhaust

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I have my BB exhaust for sale. It is on my truck currently, but would like to go back to the quieter stock setup. It has been on my truck for about a year. Polished dual tip still looks great. I am asking $450.00 plus shipping. I can ship UPS ground from my job, which I think would be the cheapest. I can send pics to anyone interested. Here is a link to the exhaust:
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This exhaust apparently eliminates the factory Y-pipe. You bolt it right up to the exhaust manifolds/cats, right?

Have you ever dynoed this setup? What are the gains supposed to be? How did the truck react to it at lowend? Highend?
The pipes from each cat dump right into the muffler seperately, just like the new factory exhaust design on the 07-08 Titan's. I am not sure of the hp/tq gains. It did feel like it pepped it up though. I can tell you it sounds mean at startup and when driving. I will have to see if I can find the gains for this setup.
I am really looking to unload this exhaust. I am dropping the price to $400.00 + shipping. I think this is a fair deal.
Hey buddy! I just sent ya a PM!!! I want to buy your exhaust! Do you except PAY PAL and also you can you please e-mail me some pics at [email protected]

Thank you and take care!

Actaully I think I e-mail you on your "HOTMAL" e-mail address!

Actaully I think I e-mail you on your "HOTMAL" e-mail address!

The exhaust is still up for sale. I have it all boxed up in the original packaging.
sound clip? interested....
PM sent to you for this Exhaust.

So what happen to the ducati man Broke??????? hahahaha yea right:futwice:
Just received my Billy Boat from P2000 and it took forever, 45 min, to replace the entire system.
The sound is just incredible and the workmanship is gorgeous, too bad it is under the truck.

The loudness factor is just right, cranked it up at 6:30 this morning and my neighbor didn't come out with his gun. Just when you get it to 1600 to 2000 RPM this exhaust really cranks up the low notes.
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Billy Boat Exhaust
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