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OK, putting out a feeler for the near future removal of my Radiant Silver Painted ATS Fender Flares, for Titans with the bedside box.

They compliment our Titan's body lines and add an inch of width over the wheel wells. They mount perfectly to the inner wheel well and are secured with the OEM fender screws. The inner outer edges are grooved for 3M double sided tape and seals near perfect to the fender and bedsides. The fuel cap portion is also held on with 3M, but I used a screw from inside my fuel door, through the door, tapping it snugly on. They are in great condition and the only thing that was modified was the lower portion of both front fender flares for the PWM. They will fit all Titan's, KC, CC, and LWB as long as you have the bedside box. If you own a pavement princess or have a sick @$$ slammed T... this is the perfect next visual mod or you, especially if your T is silver or you want a two-tone appearance!!!

I am looking for no less than $250/shipped... Post in this thread if you're interested and when they are off and up for sale, I will PM the first interested person and work down the line. PayPal is preferred for this transaction...

More Pictures in the Photos from HB3 Meet... The Silver Decepticon Titan...


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