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F/S: hard tonneau cover

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got a hard top tonneau cover w/ hydraulic lift. had it on my 2004 titan crew cab LE. but i didnt really like the way it looked, plus, i needed a toolbox. been sittin in storage for a little while now. but still in great condition. make an offer. i live near tallahassee, fl.

and its smoke colored...
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oh yeah, and its tri-glas.
here's a picture


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well...i found a new one that is like mine on ebay for $400 new. but ill let mine go for $250. i see you live in maryland though, and im not sure how the shipping would go. cause its big, and its heavy.

but it should work with the utili-trac. cause i have it, and it fit very well with no problems.
hey bro. i tried to send you a PM but it says that your quota is full.
but i'm not sure how much its gonna be.
im gonna call/stop by a UPS store tomorrow and get them to give me an idea on how much its gonna be. clear some space in your inbox and ill send you a PM tomorrow evening and let you know.
still for sale!!!

wanna try to do local only. shipping for ups will have to be by freight and its freakin expensive.

anybody want this??? still wantin to go local if i can. shippin is crazy expensive for it.
i go to school every day durin the week, and work on most its hard for me to make it to meets. the one in NC is a no-go. i almost went to OT last time, but ended up not goin, not sure about this year though.

and i have a kinda-pending sale on it right now. ill get back to yall if it dont work out.
1 - 8 of 16 Posts
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