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F/S: hard tonneau cover

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got a hard top tonneau cover w/ hydraulic lift. had it on my 2004 titan crew cab LE. but i didnt really like the way it looked, plus, i needed a toolbox. been sittin in storage for a little while now. but still in great condition. make an offer. i live near tallahassee, fl.

and its smoke colored...
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How much are you asking for it and will it work with the ultilitrack?
fishinfrenzi15 said:
well...i found a new one that is like mine on ebay for $400 new. but ill let mine go for $250. i see you live in maryland though, and im not sure how the shipping would go. cause its big, and its heavy.

but it should work with the utili-trac. cause i have it, and it fit very well with no problems.
How much shipped to me? Pls send me a pm.....
fishinfrenzi15 said:
still for sale!!!

wanna try to do local only. shipping for ups will have to be by freight and its freakin expensive.
I was gonna buy it but damn is it expensive to ship that thing from Fl to Md. Bump for a hell of a guy that really tried to make this deal work for both of us.

Good luck selling locally!
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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