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F/s Lowering Shackles

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I bought a pair of the shackles that tinytitan used to drop his back end 1.5", and then I realized he had to do a little bit of fabrication to get them to fit on the truck. Being as I am a college student living on campus, I don't have any tools to install them correctly or have them modified. I haven't gotten them yet; they should be here August 3, 2007, at which point I will probably have them sitting in my room wishing I could install them.
Instead of that, I figured I would just see if anyone would like to buy them off me... not looking for profit, just what I paid for them. i paid 59 including shipping. Not sure how much shipping would be to whoever wants it though.
ALSO, I have a set of leaf spring helpers that i bought and again never had a chance to install... i think they would go great together... let me know if anyone is interested... PM is best.