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F/S Titan Overhead Rack and OEM Tool Box

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Hi Guys,

Its been a long time since I have posted anything here. I do read all the time just never posted until now. I recently got a ARE shell (yes old man truck now) and I have the overhead rack (OEM) with the brake light for sale. I also have the OEM sliding toolbox for sale. I just don't use it anymore and it's taking space in the garage. They are located in STL, MO. I am looking to get 280 each or 500 for the both of them. There is no scratches or marks. They do have some wear and tear thats about it. Just email me at [email protected] for any pics or questions on the item.

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Just need to get these items out the garage... Make any reasonable offer????? Also if you buy both I will give the brackets that I paid extra like 80 bucks to hook them both up. I have all instructions, reciepts, 2 keys (tool box), knobs, electrical wires, nuts, and bolts.

Items located in Missouri but willing to ship.

Also here are some pic of them on my truck.


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Where are you located? Thanks.
I am located in the Lake STL, MO
Too bad I dont have 500 stupid house payments!! Plus I'm driving right through STL in 2 weeks!!!!!
sorry, not trying to steal your deal, I am on the east coast, I too am selling my toolbox. see my post in the classifieds.
Bump....Still for sale anyone????
Are the box and rack sold yet?

PM me if not
Notundras...PM sent...

They still for sale.
I'm interested in the toolbox from either of you gentlemen. What do these look like?
I'm interested in the rack, if I had it picked up Fedex (and paid for it of course) could you box it? If so can you give me the dimensions?
Do you still have the box and overhead rack. I am really more interested in the box, as long as it is in good condition. Can you send me pics? It could be possible for me to pick up if the deal is right (I am in Indy). Let me know.

are the tool boxes still available?
I am interested in the overhead rack. I live close to Chicago though.
This post is 8 years old... I'm sure he has probably sold it by now.
That's great.
Yeah, saw the posting date after I sent the message!
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