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Set of four 33x12.5x17 tires. These are my takeoffs from my 2007 Titan with stock 4x4 suspension. My wheels have some offset, Im not sure if these will fit inside the wheel wells on stock wheels.
They have been rotated every 5000 miles and have never been patched or plugged. Never had a TPMS activation with them.
The top of Lincoln's head on a penny is hidden easily in the center of the tread. There is what appears to be a nail in the center of a tread block but hasnt protruded to the inside of the tire. Could just be road debris.
I just replaced these with a new set just like them. The new tires are $275 apiece without tax/installation etc.
Im selling the set of four for $200. I will not ship them but will meet a buyer in the Oklahoma City area. No trades please.


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