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Fabtech lift on, PRG goodies off!

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I'm putting the Fabtech 6" lift on tomorrow and I'm selling my DR coilovers, Deaver leaf spring pack and Billstein rear shocks.
I'll post pictures after they come off, but just wanted to throw this out there and see if there's any interest. All three have been on her for about a year, approximately 17k miles. I'd like to get 500 for all of them, just PM me or reply. Oh, and I've got the 1.5" rear spacer blocks also from the PRG mini-lift.......still $500 for all or we can talk about parting out.
I'm in Portland, OR. I can probably throw in the shipping too. I'm pretty easy.
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I might be interested in just the coilovers if you decide to part it out.
man, thats a heck of a deal!!! I just bought stuff for mine or I would be all over that deal..Wish it would've been 3 weeks ago..bump--
Good luck... That is a GREAT price.. If I didn't already have mine set-up I would be begging, borrowing or stealing to get the money...
I might be interested in the rear springs and rear shocks. Looks like someone else is interested in the front coilovers... so parting it should be easy.
Are the rear springs a full pack? Or just the minipack? If so, how much lift do they give you? I don't want a lift in the rear, but if they are the 3" lift, I could do the drop shackles and it would be fine with around 1.5" of lift.
I would like to be 2nd in line for coilovers if you want to sell seperate..
Dewracingjr said:
I might be interested in just the coilovers if you decide to part it out.
I should get her back Friday night, and I'll post pics then. If you like what you see, shoot me a PM. Like I said, this set up has 17 or 18k on them, but everything should be in good shape.
Thanks for your interest.
if you can get some pics or pm me with them i would be interested in the whole package
I'm interested in the entire deal :) ygpm
If not gone already. I will take the whole thing.:thumbsup:
wrong forum :oops: hit enter too quick and came back and saw this...

to get back on topic:

if parting out I'd be interested in the blocks possibly so I can add some kinda lift to my truck I'll worry about more front when I get closer to putting it on :)
So they saved the /deaver pack. I have for sale the DRs, the Billsteins, and the PRG mini lift spacers, 2" in the front and 1.5" in the rear.
$500 for everything.
crap. Trouble with uploding pics.

........2 seconds............................
Here they are. I'll dig into my mailbox and go first come, first served...


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Looks good. Hope Im first in line, but I doubt it.:smokingco
Coach you going to post some pics of the new lift? I will have to keep an eye out for you around town now. :cheers:

And yes, I will post pics soon. Looks a little odd to me with the little 33" Toyos on there, but that's my next project. Trying to decide whether to stay with 33-1250s or put 35s on new 17" rims.
You know you want some 35's. Heck you went this far might as well.
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