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Fabtech Spindles w/ PC Lift????

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We are all aware that the Fabtech kit comes with slightly taller spindles than the ProComp or Rancho lift kits. This allows for slightly more lift with the Fabtech kit. Why couldn't the Fabtech Spindle be used in conjunction with the PC lift? Can you buy just the spindles from Fabtech? Not that anyone would try this, just wondering if it would be possible or is it just a bad idea?
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It'd work fine. but by the time you buy everything it would start to add up. I bought one FT spindle for a shop and it was almost $400 for the 1 spindle. After it's all seaid and done, using all the same parts, the FT kit will be about 3/4"-1" taller than a PC kit with the same parts.
he may have been asking because the FT spindle would allow you the potential to go higher even though the rest of the components would still be PC, right?

by the way Greg, if you see this post, any way you can reply to Titan Troop in this thread, he feels neglected -->
Thanks for the quick reply Greg. You answered my question.

So basically, the FT spindle CAN be combined with the PC lift to gain an extra 3/4"-1" of lift. It will cost about $800 to do so though.

Next question...

I have the PC 6" Stage 1. I can use either of the now 2 shock options that are available (RadFlo & SAW), but I cannot stack your 2" spacer ontop to gain extra lift. The Fabtech spindles, being slightlytaller, would allow for the added 2" spacer though, correct? Reason being, correct me if wrong, the shorter spindle would cause too severe of an angle in the upper ball joint/control arm?? This would prevent a proper alignment.

Thanks for the info/help.
You cannot add any type of spacer to the coilovers on either Fabtech or PC kit. If you add the upper a-arms, we can machine a custom spacer to fit (it's a bit thicker for the FT kit). One gives just under an inch for the PC kit and upper arms, the other is about 1.5" of lift for the FT kit and upper arms. But any leveling kit is just way too much and the coilovers are desigend to offer the max lift possible with out the upper arms hitting the coilbucket.
Thanks for clearing that up Greg.
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